Personal Injury In South Florida

If you are searching the internet for help with personal injury in South Florida you have come to the right place.

We are going to take a break from talking about pizza and talk about Personal Injury medical doctorsissues that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Personal injury problems was brought to mind when a friend told me about, it and how many people don’t get proper treatment. So we decided to write an article about where to go if you have an accident, period.

All over South Florida are billboard ads talking about calling this personal injury lawyer, or that lawyer, ignoring the actual injury and what could occur if your real injury goes un-treated. Do you really want a lawyer referring you and your injury to a doctor that they want or do you want to go where you can get great treatment and have the doctor refer you to a lawyer? Do you want to choose or have a stranger choose for you?

The whole system is backwards!

Picking a competent doctor and having them asses your specific problem is where you should start. Finding a lawyer is the easy part, but finding a good medical person to treat you is another story. All over the news you can read about people who get referred to medical doctors from lawyers, and maybe the treatment is done properly, or maybe it is not. Lawyers are not medical doctors and are only out to handle the claim you have with the insurance company.

The lawyer only gets paid when they build a case, but the doctor will treat your problem then make sure that you get the proper representation to enable your claim to be a valid one with the insurance company. You will want to have a good legal basis obviously, and a good medical doctor will let you know if that is the case.

Get treated first, your personal medical health is the most important thing. Don’t neglect your health! Getting legal advice first is not the responsible thing to do. Personal injury in South Florida is a big business so you will want to be prudent about who you visit first.

In Conclusion

Get medical advice first then get legal advice. There are many good places in South Florida where you can get good medical help for personal injury and referred to great legal assistance.

We are not medical doctors but it’s logical to make sure that your physical health is put above legal. There are to many long term effects that can occur from an injury no mater if its from a slip and fall or car accident. By focusing on the long term medical effects you can assure that your attorney will present that to the insurance company.